What is ReadEDTest

In order to be adopted as Test Guidelines by the OECD (preliminary step before a method is required for regulatory testing), each in vitro test method developed to identify endocrine disruptors (ED) needs to be validated. To speed up this process that is time- and cost-consuming, we propose with this plateform a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to assess the readiness of your method. This SAQ is intended for in vitro methods only.

The questions in the SAQ are inspired from the paper ("Recommendation on Test Readiness Criteria for New Approach Methods in Toxicology: Exemplified for Developmental Neurotoxicity").

To access the SAQ, click on "Form" or use this link.

At the end of the SAQ, you will get a score. The score will help to evaluate the strenghth and weaknesses of your method (detailed by sub-section).

The SAQ is anonymous but you can send the results to Pepper to obtain complementary information or help.
If you have difficulties during the filling or reception of the result, you can contact Systox.

How to cite the ReadEDTest webserver?

Crouzet, T., Grignard, E., Brion, F., Blanc, E. B., Podechard, N., Langouet, S., Alonso-Magdalena, P., Hubert, P., Kim, M. J., & Audouze, K. (2023). ReadEDTest: A tool to assess the readiness of in vitro test methods under development for identifying endocrine disruptors. Environment international, 174, 107910.